Published: 7 days ago

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!💕😸🐶🐰 We have a lot of furry friends to celebrate at miijidaaa and their parents wanted to introduce you to their loves. So here is all the adorable pet content to brighten your day! 🐶Merlin is 10 months old and his favourite game is stealing Moms scrunches so she has to play chase and get off her laptop.  😸Jocelyn enjoys collecting hair elastics, yowling at door frames and tucking herself into bed. 🐶 Shakira is 6 years old and her favourite activities include barking at other dogs, cuddling with everyone, and playing with her ball! 😸Frodo likes their Dad but no one else. 😸Amarula likes holidays when Dad is home but not a big fan of workdays when he’s not there. 🐶Luna is nearly 4 and she loves to run in the woods with her doggy friends and get tummy rubs from her family! 🐰Felix loves snuggling with mommy and his sister and making a big mess with his shavings. 🐶Benji wanted to share his favourite joke with you: “I went to a zoo last week and the only animal there was a dog. It was a Shih Tzu.” #nationalloveyourpetday #petstagram #neighbourhoodgood #guelph
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