Published: 5 months ago

Today we turned our lights off and said goodbye to our team for what will hopefully only be a short period of time. We truly feel for our staff and as things start to sink in, we are starting to get scared about what the future will hold and how long this will go on for. To make everyone feel a tiny bit better we sent our team home with all of our leftover food and drinks and we’re hoping it will help them get through this hard time. It’s not a lot but we hope it showed just a fragment of how much we love everyone on our team. @grainrev and his bakery inside Miijidaa has now been crowned the last one standing. If you’re looking for some delicious bread (it’s the bread that we use everyday!), you should head over to his Instagram and connect with the very least he’ll be sure to keep you entertained with his shenanigans. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this difficult time and don’t forget kindness can go a long way in helping someone! ❤️
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